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It’s time...

This statement has been used to initiate billions of life-changing events throughout history. Expecting parents headed into the delivery room, championship athletes leaving the locker room before the game of their lives and countless individuals like you and I that have made the decision to begin the process of becoming the best version of themselves.

If you’re like me, there was a certain sense of certainty that came from within, a resolve that was greater than fear, regard for the opinions of others or even the potential repercussions that may come about because of that decision. At that point the future was more important than the past.

Well, there are times in life where the “It’s time” comes as expected and welcomed. There are also “It’s time” situations that are unexpected and unwelcome. Think about how drastically your life changed because of those “It’s time” moments. Think about all the times you wished you’d prepared more beforehand…

When’s the last time you made one of those “It’s time” statements to yourself about your life, career or business??

If you’ve been having this feeling and you're an innovative and forward thinking leader that has run out of ideas or examples of HOW to break through a ceiling you've reached, iCreate's Power of One Leadership Academy has some AMAZING opportunities for you to take advantage of this pivotal time in your life!

On Monday, August 12, 2019 will be our next Power of One Bootcamp. This totally free workshop will be held at the Microsoft Store in Lenox Square Mall at 7:00 pm. Here Justin Hall “The Grindpreneur” will be our guest for another power packed workshop that will teach you how to discover your passion, purpose and potential and some practical ideas, solutions and strategies of how to to translate them into a healthy and balanced life and career.
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A Power of One Coaching session would also be a great start for someone like you. I'll partner with you in a thought provoking a creative session that will inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential and empower you to execute with clarity, discipline and consistency crushing all your goals and making your dreams reality.
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It’s time…now what are you going to do with it??

Geoff Ingram
<![CDATA[Merry Christmas!]]>Tue, 25 Dec 2018 21:25:32 GMThttp://icreateleadership.org/blog/merry-christmas
Today people are gathering across the globe with those they love and care about the most. Many will exchange gifts and many won't. Many will have the best experiences of their lives and many will be hanging on to the last bit of life they have. Many will celebrate the birth of the Savior of the world and many will celebrate the victories and successes they've had over the year. Some resent and dread the loss and pain this time of year reminds them of.

This time of year takes me to a few places. I remember many of my fondest childhood memories surrounding this time of year. I grew up in the blended family of the century and could count on spending time with my huge extended family. We had a tradition of gathering at my grandmother's house on Christmas Eve every year for a combination of eating some of the best food, music, video games, and our annual Battle Royale where the whole group of 11 kids would try to beat up my dad...we never quite succeeded. Then we'd decide who's house we would be spending the rest of the two week break at to continue the party.

I also remember the last time I saw my childhood hero alive was at this time of year. David Brown Jr., my dad, my father not by blood but by choice. The same guy we'd try to beat up to prove our manhood. He adopted me at 9 months old and married my mom when I was three. He was recovering from a stroke in the hospital and I was able to spend time with him on what would be his last Christmas on this side.

I hope you've experienced love, joy and time with those you love the most. I pray that you experience God's very best for you and your family this holiday season and throughout 2019. 

Remember your life has significance beyond your imagination and there's nothing you can't achieve, so set your goals high as you approach the endless possibilities that come in 2019! 

Cherish the time you have with those you love and live your life pursuing your deepest passions...you'll be surprised what you learn and discover along the way!

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!
<![CDATA[iCreate Entrepreneur and Leadership BootCamp Launch Success]]>Thu, 13 Dec 2018 00:00:43 GMThttp://icreateleadership.org/blog/icreate-entrepreneur-and-leadership-bootcamp-launch-success
Access: Granted!

The Power Of One Leadership Bootcamp at Microsoft Store was excellent! Special Thanks to every Entrepreneur and Influencer that attended the December workshop in Atlanta!

Facilitated by iCreate Inc. International Founder Geoff Ingram, with Power Networking Strategies from Dr. Iria Abram, Founder of EphriamHouse.com

The workshop provided dynamic resources for attendees to thrive in their skills and construct a gameplan for the new year!

Photos and updates from the event can be found in ICreate's Instagram page: @iCreateIncATL

Power Of One Leadership BootCamp Workshops and Networking Mixers will take place on the 2nd Monday and 4th Friday of each month starting in January. Stay tuned for Schedule updates at www.icreateleadership.org

Need One-on-One or Group coaching?
EVERY Championship Athlete has a coach to help them prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally to succeed at the highest levels imaginable. Let our Power Of One Training Program help take your team and vision to the next level! Register for a FREE Coaching Session HERE

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